A cleaning team you can feel at home with

Your property is something that should be enjoyed and cherished, and our cleaning and housekeeping team is dedicated to keeping it that way.

  • Regular scheduled cleaning
  • Ad hoc homecoming preparation
  • Housekeeping during a period of residence
  • One-time deep cleaning
  • No third-party or agency cleaners

Because we have our own in-house cleaning personnel, you can relax knowing that your property is in capable and caring hands. Our experienced, trained team will keep both the interior and exterior in impeccable condition, whilst taking the utmost care of your belongings.


Consistent housekeeping on every appointment

To ensure that housekeeping is carried out consistently, we use state-of-the art technology and visual guides to record your preferences. Any personnel visiting your home will use this guidance to follow a specific housekeeping routine—right down to giving each individual plant the right amount of water. Furthermore, our supervisors and team leaders have an in-depth knowledge of each and every property to ensure consistency.

The outcome is that even if your favourite cleaner takes annual leave, we’ll continue to carry out housekeeping to your exact specifications.

High-calibre cleaning on-demand

In addition to regular, scheduled cleaning, we’re on standby to visit your property whenever you have an impending visit. Inform your residence manager that you’re on the way, and we’ll make sure everything is impeccable for when you arrive. Each homecoming clean is checked and approved by a member of our management team to ensure the highest levels of service delivery.

From checking the wi-fi is working to ensuring your home is spotless and dust-free, we ensure your property is ready for visitors.

Our housekeeping personnel can also fulfil any other requests you might have for your visit. For example, we can ensure the fridge is stocked with food, provide fresh flowers, or turn your heating or air conditioning on in advance of your arrival.

Specialist cleaning services for outstanding appearances

We’re dedicated to ensuring your property looks as beautiful and pristine as the last time you saw it—or better.

To make your home really shine, we deliver bespoke cleaning services using a range of specialist equipment and techniques. At scheduled times throughout the year, or prior to your arrival, we can treat your home to a deep, careful clean in those often-overlooked areas.

You’ll love visiting your property to see a beautifully steam-cleaned façade that stands out from the surrounding properties, or freshly treated carpets that feel just like new.

  • Chandelier cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery & curtain cleaning
  • Façade steam cleaning
  • Dry cleaning & linen services
  • Jet washing
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Natural stone and wood floor cleaning

Contact us today to arrange housekeeping and cleaning for your luxury property