The AllRisk company culture

True, 24/7 ACCESSIBILITY is synonymous with PowerHouse+. Responding to emergency calls at 3am on a holiday weekend IS the company culture, and it always has been. In addition to our 24 hour hotline, we provide a home and cell number for all of our management and emergency response supervisors. When you call the 24 hour hotline, you will receive a return call within minutes. Of course, if your emergency should occur during regular business hours, our office staff is ready to assist you.

24/7 Emergency Response

While our packages incorporate proactive maintenance to avoid issues occurring, unforeseen problems can arise in any property.

In the event of a problem occurring, such as a leaking pipe or a central heating malfunction, we are equipped to deal with it swiftly. Members of our team are available 24 hours a day year-round, and we also work with reliable tradesmen that offer emergency visits.

Should an emergency occur, a member of our team will immediately travel to your property to meet any maintenance personnel that arrive. They will then update you on the situation whenever appropriate.


Unlike other companies who may spend time renting equipment, PowerHouse+ owns and stores tools and materials needes for effective emergency response. This allows our crew to load up our vehicles and mobilize immediately in response to your call.

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